Platform Overview

"The Platform HydroTechnologie" is a joint project between Koronne Technologie S.A. and general contractor Wodel (Elektrownie Wodne WODEL Sp. z o.o.).

We specialize in the construction, operation and maintenance of complex small hydro power plants. Additionally, we have our own design and production facilities to build and supply the water turbines for these plants. Our complete service team consists of experienced engineers and project managers in Poland and throughout Europe.

As an organization, we are now looking towards expanding our reach towards the ownership and operation of a collection of small plants throughout Poland and Ukraine in conjunction with the sales and trading of energy produced from these plants. With the addition of a significant financial backer, the future structure of the organization may change to meet the best needs of the market.

Our Priority

Putting our clients’ interests first is at the core of our asset management philosophy. We also custom-tailor our investment strategies to clients’ specific needs. This approach has led to a high level of client satisfaction.

It also leads us to operate with prudence, financial discipline, a long-term perspective, and a clear understanding that trust is something we must earn every day. Everything we do is guided by a set of principles that define our character and culture; they have been at the core of Koronne Technologie since its inception. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct – they are a fundamental strength of our business.

Guiding Principles

The owner of the Platform is a company Koronne Techologie Join Stock Company.

Koronne Technologie S.A. is a company formed in 2011 that has recently released a new range of services, investments and 'green' products designed for world markets. The company specializes in innovative solutions to environmental problems being faced daily by Businesses and Governments worldwide. By supplying and managing renewable energy systems and financing/managing energy saving devices. At Koronne Technologie S.A., we focus upon regions that offer the greatest return on investment for our Shareholders. The firm’s goal is to deliver enhanced returns and capital preservation over the long term through a rigorous application of our intellectual and financial capital.


Always makes us better


Anything else is never acceptable


Our capital and reputation are always on the line


Leadership demands responsibility


Using creativity to find opportunities overlooked by others

About Hydro-tech

Background to Small Hydropower

Hydropower refers to the extraction of energy created by the flow of running water. In the past, mechanical energy from the flow was used directly in water mills. Nowadays the mechanical energy is generally converted into electrical energy either for direct use by factories or individuals or to be sold on the energy markets.

Small Hydropower generally refers to hydropower production under 20MW in size. This can be further subdivided into mini-hydro (100KW-1MW) and micro-hydro (less than 100KW). Our company focuses on profitable mini-hydro projects.

Global Hydropower Use

Today hydropower supplies about 16% of global electricity and is the most intensively used source of renewable energy. However, its use is highly dependent on the geographic location. In Europe, for example, Iceland and Norway meet their electricity needs almost entirely from hydropower. In Austria, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland as much as 50% of the energy generated comes from hydropower.

Hydropower plants do not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, use any fossil fuels, and cause no pollution or waste. In addition, hydropower has advantages over some other renewable energy sources. For example, it is impossible to produce solar energy at night or to produce energy from windmills when there is no wind. Rivers and streams flow night and day, regardless of sunshine or wind conditions.

Benefits of Hydropower

Unlike other power plants, hydroelectric plants require less time to produce and are far more stable in the long term (68% of Poland's hydroelectric power plants are over 50 years old). And, although suitable locations for the construction of small hydropower are general away from cities, this seeming disadvantage is actually an advantage because it allows the energy needs of the residents in remote areas to be met, with or without access to the grid. Small hydropower plants can be designed quickly for any suitable location on small streams and built within 1-2 years. They are characterized by high reliability and technical simplicity leading to high reliability and long service life. Additionally, hydropower plants do not need a large work force and, for the most part, can be remotely controlled and automated.

Hydropower plants are very efficient compared to traditional power plants. A standard hydropower plant consumes an average of 0.5% of energy it generates, while conventional power plants consume upwards of 10% of energy generated. Dams used in Hydropower also give the ability for areas to manage their water retention, which is important in dry periods. By managing water resources, small hydropower is able to produces energy throughout the year and provide a solid regular income, and plants may be used as an emergency local power source in the event of damage of the national transmission networks.

Present Hydropower use in Poland

In 2014 Poland about 1.5% of electricity demand was covered by hydropower. About 80% of this energy was produced in the region of Mazury, Pomerania, Sudetes and Karpaty at the Vistula River and Dunajec River. Approximately 488 hydropower plants operate in Poland. A great number of them, about 360, are micro hydropower plants with a capacity of less than one megawatt. Only 128 power plants provide an output of more than 1 MW, but these jointly generate more than 2200 MW of electricity.

Although, as stated, only around 1.5% of energy is currently produced via hydropower, it is estimated that with current technical, environmental and infrastructure hydropower can expand to 12% of Poland’s energy usage. The increase will come from a combination of new plants and by modernization and optimization of existing plants.

Types of Hydropower Plants

Due to the fact that there are many different types of hydropower plants, only a “Raised Dam” and “Running Water” systems shall be described.

Raised Dam

In this system, the pent-up dam water (headwater) is passed through pipes into the turbine(s). A rake stop prevents driftwood or larger fish from being caught in the blades of the turbine and a diffuser is implemented to even out the underwater deviations in pressure or flow speed.

The measurement (in meters) difference from the upper and lower water is called drop height and is a decisive factor in the calculation of the performance of water turbine (see below). The heart of any hydroelectric power plant is the turbine. A water turbine converts the kinetic energy of fluid in rotating or rotational energy. The blades of the turbine are rotated by the water flow. The rotation is then used as a drive for a generator. This converts the rotational energy into electric current. A constant torque of the motor ensures a uniform speed of the turbine or the rotational speed is kept constant by a controller.

River and Running Water Power Plants

River power plants use the flow of rivers to generate electricity. There is no storage option, the river water flows directly through a turbine. A low drop height and high flow rate characterized this type of power plant, however weirs may increase the flow and fall height yet. Electricity is available around the clock. Hydropower plants are characterized by good utilization of turbines and low costs. It is the reason why they are used to meet the basic needs for electric current.

Classification of Hydropower Plants

Classification of hydropower plants may be made about various aspects, such as performance, utilization, or kind. The performance of a power plant is defined by the quantity of electricity generated in a calendar year divided by the annual running time (in hours). A classification by utilization makes it clear whether the respective power plant is designed to cover the basic, intermediate or peak load.

Turbine Efficiency

The power P (in watts) of a water turbine is the product of the efficiency η of the turbine, Water density ρ, g the gravitational acceleration, flow volume V and drop height h:

P = η • ρ • g • V • h

Efficiency, generally refers to the ratio of energy used and power generated. Water turbines are very efficient (over 90%). The formula shows that a low drop height can be compensated by large flow volume, and vice versa. A water turbine must be optimally adapted to the different drop heights and flow rates of the system. For large power plants individual designs are often required. The characteristic of water turbines is a complex regulation of their speed in relation to slightly fluctuating flow of water. Therefore, the cost of a water turbine in a large power plant amounts up to 20% of the investment and in a small plant up to 50%. However, water turbines are characterized by significant life span of over 80 years.

Buy it

We acquire high quality, income-producing assets at discounts to replacement cost.

Fix it

We unlock value by proactively addressing any physical or operating issues through aggressive asset management.


Operate the Hydro Palnt


Smaller Institutions and Individuals

Our mission is to bring Koronne Technologies’ partners quality products, delivered with excellent service, to all of the investors and advisors we serve. We collaborate with our investing businesses in every asset class to deliver bespoke product that meets the needs of individual investors and smaller institutions. We works with advisors to provide education around alternatives and deliver value-added investment insights. We understand the unique needs of the investors.

Investment in Polish Small Scale Hydroelectric Power Industry

Investment Process

The Company’s investments shall generally be made through the acquisition of existing operations in the renewable energy industry, these opportunities may be in the private sector or they may be through the privatization of government-owned entities. The Company’s investment policy is to seek capital appreciation of its assets by:

  • Acquiring positions in its potential targets at below their intrinsic value;
  • Incorporating new companies;
  • Actively participating in developing the Company’s wholly or partly owned subsidiaries through board representation and/or by appointing professionals to nonexecutive positions, or taking any other action it considers necessary to enhance the performance of the relevant companies;
  • Ensuring that management board members’ interests are fully aligned with the interests of the Company;
  • Ensuring contractual certainty and financial transparency for potential subsidiaries; and;
  • Developing clear exit strategies, negotiating detailed shareholder agreements and using exit strategies when conditions are deemed favorable;
  • Appointing, if necessary, representatives to the management board of any of its investments.

The Company’s investment process may be summarized to consist in four phases:

Phase 1: Deal Generation

The Company shall seek to generate exclusive investment opportunities through its own broad and influential network of contacts within the region, active analysis, ongoing contacts with sellers, key management of companies and co-investors and outside Investment Advisers.

Phase 2: Deal Evaluation

Evaluation of deals shall be based on a series of distinct steps:

  1. Professional staff of the Company (and when applicable a representative of its Investment Adviser) shall meet regularly to share experiences and review new deals and key issues related to the further development of deals throughout the investment cycle
  2. Pre-Study/Deal Sheet: Before incurring external due diligence of a transaction, the Company shall carry out its due diligence including management, corporate and financial details, drivers of the value creation, strategy for exit, risks and expected returns
  3. Concept Clearance: On the basis of the Deal Sheet, the Company shall evaluate resources required to carry out a due diligence process on matters regarding business, financial, legal and environmental issues. When necessary the Company shall engage an Investment Adviser to offer viewpoints on key strategic, operational and deal structuring issues of value
  4. Due Diligence: The Company shall conduct, in good faith, the internal due diligence to the extent necessary. The advanced stage of the due diligence process may require external consultants in some instances
  5. Business Plan and Investment Proposal: Along with the due diligence process, the Company shall work with the management board of the target company on preparation of a detailed business plan addressing major growth strategies, turnaround plans, investment needs, major strategic, financial and operational performance objectives, and how the Company plans to contribute to value creation
  6. Investment/Divestment Decision: The Company shall review each proposal for investment and/or divestment and may consult an Investment Adviser who shall analyze continually the progress of all investments of the Company. The Company shall decide whether to finalize the transaction.

Phase 3: Active Ownership

After the closing of each investment the Company shall support the now subsidiary’s management board in preparation of a road plan to implement the agreed business objectives by defining high priority issues and focused action program. The Company may consult the Investment Adviser. The Company’s representation of active ownership shall include the following elements:

  1. Develop a view on the strategic situation and future direction of the Company
  2. Agree with other key owners and directors on the establishment of challenging growth strategies, a set of key financial objectives and a focused operational improvement program
  3. Agree with directors on appropriate financial management and reporting system
  4. Align objectives of management and owners and establish appropriate incentive system;
  5. Participate actively in building of the management team, appoint new members of the management board, if and when necessary
  6. Monitor implementation of plans and take actions if required
  7. Review sector trends and the company’s competitive position and adjust strategies and program if required

Phase 4: Exit from Investments

Alternative plans for exit shall be developed at the time of negotiating the initial investment. Some likely alternative scenarios shall be public offerings and sales to strategic investors. Attractive exit opportunities shall be exploited through the pricing differential that exists between the country specific/regional companies and corporations considered western/global with activities and production in the region. Whenever a likely alternative is a strategic sale, the Company shall seek to negotiate a cooperative agreement whereby other shareholders agree to sell jointly with the Company a majority stake in the Target Company. When a public offering is the route, the Company shall aim to enter the capital market as soon as practicable for several purposes: (i) to develop liquidity that may be used for further expansion; (ii) to have the Company and the Target Company benefit from the publicity and discipline involved; and (iii) to prepare for the final exit. Increase of leverage may also in some cases be used to enhance the payout to shareholders, for example through redemption of shares or, through decrease of the issued share capital of the Target Company.


Pre-construction Development

Prior to the construction of any hydropower project a great deal of work and analysis needs to be done in the acquisition of the rights to the land, survey of the water resources, conservation, connection to the electricity grid, and various local and national permits.

When possible the Company will look for projects that have as much as the preliminary work completed as possible. However, any remaining work will be assessed and will be done by the internal staff and/or external consultants.

General Contractor for Project Construction

A turnkey implementation of a hydroelectric plant requires experience, industry knowledge, production capacity, a project office and highly qualified staff.

The Team has over two decades of experience in the development of hydropower projects in Poland and Europe. The company works closely with leading companies and the best experts in the field of hydropower energy, environment, finance and law.

Growth Strategies

The Company growth strategy is focused developing green energy projects both domestically (in Poland) and elsewhere internationally (primarily in Eastern Europe). The Company is in present negotiations with various governments, infrastructure and property groups. The Directors believe that the status of the Company shall enable it to obtain favorable terms in negotiating, attracting and developing acquisitions and green energy opportunities as well as attracting suitable joint venture and project financing partners to develop these opportunities. The Company’s business model has a number of complementary components:

  • To create large scale energy efficiency projects creating utility type cash flows with repayments based upon the energy savings
  • To create a listed 'Clean-tech' Investment Fund or Company. The Directors have identified projects considered to have the potential to grow, when invested in or acquired to generate significant equity value for the Company’s shareholders in both the short and medium period. Moreover, the Directors shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the resulting equity value is reflected in the Company’s share price. The Directors intend to fund such projects, based on obtaining positive and encouraging results at each stage using a flexible mixture of cash, equity, joint-venturing, revenue and royalty sharing and/or debt. The Directors intend to actively monitor any investments, joint ventures, acquisitions and development programs.
  • At present the Directors have begun the due diligence process on several opportunities pointed in this document. Some pre-commitments have been started. Initial due diligence on any opportunities shall be carried out by the Directors, who may in addition commission it to a third party if appropriate including the preparation of competent reports etc. Any third party shall be carefully chosen based upon their relevant experience and acceptability to the relevant Stock Exchange authorities.

The Company shall keep corporate overheads as low as possible and the Directors shall not draw any remuneration from the Company until a substantial investment or acquisition is made. The Directors expect to recruit additional board members in due course, who shall not draw any remuneration from the Company until such time as the transaction is completed. The Company’s investments exclusively executed through wholly or partly owned local subsidiaries. The Company shall concentrate on projects aimed at renewable energy projects to serve the demands of incoming international business. The Company management aims to identify and secure development opportunities through its local and international network of strategic relationships and then to realize them working with internationally renowned cooperators.

What We Do

Equipment-Automation and Control

Our range includes accessories for small hydro:

  • Weirs coating
  • Cleaner grids
  • Movable valves
  • Power generators
  • Relief valves
  • Other devices depending on the needs

In addition, we can offer you technical advice in the selection of generators, technical conditions connections, sensors, etc.


  • Permitting and Design
    • Initial analysis on the potential and viability of hydropower plants
    • Environmental documentation
    • Cost estimates, financial engineering and economic analysis
    • Public (Government) consultations
    • Preparation of documents for environmental and building permits
    • Spatial concepts (exterior design concepts)
    • Correct company formation including the documentation of the project in the Articles of Association of the application for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)
    • Water flow analysis
    • Selection of technologies to reduce environmental impact
  • Construction and Implementation
    • Selection of the optimal technology / manufacturer of water turbines
    • Projects to repair water systems
    • Project documentation
  • Operations
    • Monitoring of new or existing projects
    • Consulting (to external parties) on investments and management of small hydropower plants
    • Implementation of administrative procedures for existing power plants to meet environmental and energy laws


Turbine is the smallest we have on offer. It is produced in both horizontal and vertical.

Technical characteristics:

  • Rotor diameter - 700 mm
  • the type of rotor - Kaplan with 4 adjustable blades
  • steering system - 12 blades with external control
  • Power generators
  • the range of optimum efficiency - 90%.
The drop in m 3,0 4,0 5,0 6,0 7,0 8,0 9,0 10,0
Minimum Turbine flow m3 / s 0,5 0,6 0,66 0,72 0,77 0,83 0,88 0,93
Optimal 0,85-1,5 1,0-1,8 1,1-2,0 1,2-2,2 1,3-2,3 1,4-2,5 1,5-2,6 1,6-2,8
Maximal 1,9 2,1 2,4 2,6 2,8 3,0 3,2 3,4
Flow at a maximum efficiency of 89.7% 1,2 1,4 1,5 1,7 1,8 1,9 2,0 2,1


It’s a classic Kaplan Turbine designed to work on objects with a drop of 1.5 to 10.0 meters. It is made, like all our turbines of cast iron. The rotor has four adjustable levels while the machine is moving cast steel blades. The turbine TWW1100 has a number of new design solutions.

Technical characteristics:

  • Rotor diameter - 1100 mm
  • the type of rotor - Kaplan with 4 adjustable blades
  • steering system - 12 blades with external control
  • specific speed - 650
  • in the range of optimum efficiency - 90.5%.
The drop in m 3,0 4,0 5,0 6,0 7,0 8,0 9,0 10,0
Minimum Turbine flow m3 / s 1,25 1,45 1,6 1,8 1,9 2,05 2,2 2,3
Optimal 2,1-3,8 2,4-4,3 2,7-4,9 3,0-5,3 3,2-5,8 3,4-6,2 3,6-6,2 3,8-6,9
Maximal 4,6 5,3 5,9 6,5 7,0 7,5 8,0 8,4
Flow at a maximum efficiency of 89.7% 2,9 3,4 3,5 4,1 4,5 4,8 5,1 5,4


The Kaplan Turbine is a turbine with a rotor diameter 1550 mm. The turbine is built in classic vertical shaft Kaplan, adjustable steering setting and changeable angle of the four rotor blades. Blades are made of cast steel. All axes and the pins are made of stainless steel. The bodies of the blade housing and management are of cast iron. The application of the above materials is to ensure longevity and reliable operation of the turbine.

Heavy cast iron bodies effectively dampen vibrations ensuring stable and quiet operation of the turbine.

Technical characteristics:

  • Rotor diameter - 1550 mm
  • the type of rotor - Kaplan with 4 adjustable blades
  • steering system - 12 blades with external control
  • specific speed - 650
  • in the range of optimum efficiency - 91%
The drop in m 3,0 4,0 5,0 6,0 7,0 8,0 9,0 10,0
Minimum Turbine flow m3 / s 2,5 2,9 3,2 3,5 3,8 4,1 4,3 4,6
Optimal 4,2-7,5 4,8-8,6 5,4-9,7 5,9-10,6 6,3-11,4 6,8-12,2 7,2-12,9 7,6-13,7
Maximal 9,1 10,5 11,8 12,9 14,0 14,9 15,8 16,7
Flow at a maximum efficiency of 89.7% 5,8 6,7 3,5 8,2 8,9 9,5 10,1 10,6


This Kaplan Turbine System is made in two specific speeds - 650 and 800. The Turbine was designed to work on the largest Polish rivers.

  • Rotor diameter - 2100 mm
  • the type of rotor - Kaplan with 4 adjustable blades
  • steering system - 16 blades with external control
  • specific speed - 650, 800
  • in the range of optimum efficiency - 91.5%
The drop in m 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 6,0
Minimum Turbine flow m3 / s 3,7 4,5 5,2 5,9 6,5
Optimal 6,2-10,6 7,6-12,9 8,8-15,0 9,8-16,7 10,8-18,3
Maximal 13,7 16,8 19,4 21,6 23,7
Flow at a maximum efficiency of 89.7% 8,7 10,7 12,3 13,8 15,1

Our Portfolio

Positive Economic

We are proud of Koronne Technologie S.A. role as a positive economic catalyst for the companies in our corporate portfolio. We work to identify, invest in and enhance the value of great businesses. As of December 31, 2018, our company held significant interests in 11 companies all over the world with over 100 Million in combined annual revenue employs about 1000 people around the world.

News & Opportunity

Renewable Energy in the Polish Energy Market

There are a number of laws in Poland regarding “green” energy production and its distribution in the future. The question in this context is often referred to as the "triple pack":

  • Law on Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  • Energy Act
  • Gas Supply Act

The Polish Renewable Energy Act (EEG-PL), which should enter into force in January 2016, provides for comprehensive reforms of the current compensation system for energy from renewable sources. The new law, “What is to get it renewable?” (parliament form #2604 dated 07.07.2014), considers the technology used during power plant’s construction. This should be set upon commissioning of the plant and is valid for 15 years but not starting later than 2028. In order to understand the mechanism, a good explanation of the correcting factors for producing green energy is as follows:

The Ministry of Economy has prepared a regulation on a reference price for investment in renewable energy sources, which will be reported to the first, next year's auction. According to the adopted in May 2015 the Law on renewable energy sources, all new projects involving the construction of renewable energy power above 40 kW, whose owners will want to, use the force after 2015. Support system must be reported to the auction. In the auction, baskets auction for the installation of renewable energy with power from 40 kW to 1 MW and above 1 MW, will support investors who, in the case of projects submitted gathered permits necessary to start the production of energy - which is confirmed by the Energy Regulatory Office - and offered the lowest prices for the sale of energy. The owners of projects that will be eligible for support under the auction will receive 15-year guarantee energy sales after the price offered in the auction, which will be increased each year for inflation. In line with the auction system, offered in a public auction for the sale of energy prices may not be higher than indicated by the government maximum prices - the so-called. reference prices. In addition, the reference price level will determine the maximum support level of investment - e.g. In the form of grants - which will be able to receive investor in addition awarded in the auction support at the operational level. Under the Law on renewable energy sources in the case of an auction for new projects, economy minister has to take into account when determining the reference price: technical and economic parameters of the installation, capital expenditures incurred during the preparation of the project and its construction with the necessary technical infrastructure and operating costs and additional expenses Investment incurred during the operation in which the installation is subject to the mechanisms and instruments of support. The Ministry of Economy submitted a draft regulation was indicative of the reference prices that will apply in 2016.

The reference prices for new renewable energy projects According to the draft regulation, the reference prices for new investments in renewable energy sources will amount to:

  1. Hydropower plants of up to 1 MW - 445 zł / MWh
  2. Hydroelectric power plants with a capacity exceeding 1 MW - 480 zł / MWh

Economy Ministry proposes in the draft regulation identical to the reference prices for renewable energy installations upgraded after January 1, 2016. In their calculations, the reference prices draw attention to the relatively low values adopted for installation in groups of up to 1 MW.

In mid-April, it published a draft Regulation of the Minister of Economy on the quantity and value of the electricity generated in installations of renewable energy sources with a total installed capacity of not more than 1 MW, which should be sold by auction in 2016. Regulation concerning Cart Bidding for projects with a capacity of up to 1 MW is assumed that the average price of energy for the winning projects in this group will be 470.01 zł / MWh.

Meanwhile, proposed just the reference prices for each technology group up to 1 MW are lower than this value. On the other hand, in the case of installations above 1 MW Ministry of Economy has taken before the average price of energy sold at auctions at 380.98 zł / MWh. The forecast average price was adopted taking into account the average value of property rights resulting from certificates of origin in 2014. (Zł 199.43 / MWh) and the value of the average sales price of electricity on the competitive market for 2013 (181.55 zł / MWh).

Renewable Energy in the Polish Energy Market

There is currently an opportunity to create a roll-up of small-medium sized players in the Polish Hydropower market.

The opportunity is simply as follows:

  1. We have negotiated the purchase of a stake in a polish hydroelectric turbine producer and dam construction company where we are currently a major shareholder (see
  2. We have identified the 3 best “shovel-ready” hydro-electric opportunities in our region of Poland and negotiated the purchase of these properties. The first project, MEW Dobroszów (6.6 GWh / year - detailed information available on request) is in our control, has been financed, and construction will commence in the near future. The two additional projects (one of 7GWh / year and one of 12.7GWh / year) have all environmental impact studies completed and are waiting on final construction licenses. Initial acquisition terms have been negotiated, but the owners will not sell to a party that does not currently have the funds to guarantee completion of the projects. With the right backing there are certainly many other attractive opportunities in the country.
  3. We are currently in negotiation with a Polish electricity trading company in the region to acquire a controlling share in their company which will allow us to sell our electricity to the polish Electricity Exchange (the TGE). At the end of 2014 there were approximately 50 or so these small trading companies available, many of which could be combined into a more efficient regional energy trading house by essentially buying their existing contacts and combining the operations of the companies. 1 It is possible for any company to get a license to trade on the exchange, but it takes approximately 1 year of paperwork and review and is not guaranteed.

Essentially, we believe there is a strong opportunity (with enough capital) to quickly roll-up these small to medium scale operations in the Polish market. By creating a vertically integrated energy supply market it should be possible to squeeze much greater efficiencies and profits out of this supply chain. We estimate the amount of Capital required to implement project would be between 15 and 30 million Euros (including all construction costs) and depending on the number of hydroelectric projects created and the number of energy companies acquired.


Poland 25 years ago was not the economic miracle it is today. Since 1989, the country’s GDP per capita more than doubled and exports have increased more than 25 times (more than $250 billion today). Even during the 2008-09 global financial crisis, Poland was the only EU economy not to sink into a recession. Poland’s stability, legal regime, and proximity to other locations in Europe make it a very attractive location for investment.

Although Poland is a country with scarce water resources compared to its size (relative to other European countries). It is more significant in the fact that is lags behind in its use of the limited hydropower capacity that it does have.

Poland's hydropower resources are estimated at about 13,7 TWh per year, but Poland uses only 12% of its hydropower resources, which constitutes 7,3% of its whole public power system. And this production comes primarily from 5-6 “major” projects (over 100 MW). In 2010 Poland had 722 small hydropower plants and a total installed capacity of 275 MW (generating 1,036GWh per year). By 2020, the aim is to have 840 plants with a total installed capacity of 332 MW, generating 1,130 GWh, while the total economic small hydropower potential with environmental constraints is 1,928 GWh

The first hydropower facilities were built in Poland in the interwar period. The development of hydropower facilities intensified in Poland after World War II. They were the low and high head plants, but also facilities with equilibrium reservoirs and reversible units. After World War II, in Poland, within its new borders, there were a lot of small hydropower plants, which initially were ignored by utility companies and were devastated. Later, they were gradually activated. The construction of new facilities, modernization of existing ones, as well as reconstruction of those degraded, are often obstructed by significant ecological restrictions.


This is the opportune moment to enter the Polish market. A number of reforms have taken place in the past several years to make the country more competitive in the energy distribution and production. However, there is still not enough capital to take advantage of these opportunities.

The energy market is regulated such that producers sell their supply either directly to major consumers (e.g. a mine or brewery) at an agreed upon price, or sell to traders in the market via an auction mechanism. However the auction mechanism sets a floor price at 450 PLZ (approximately 110EUR) / MWh. So, as long as the economics of a production project work at this floor price, then any other income is a bonus. For example, in the project currently being undertaken by our company (MEW Dobroszów) we expect construction costs to be around 4 Million EUR1 with a completion time of 16 months. Based on the minimum electricity price of 110/MWh. We expect revenue for the project to be approximately 726.000 EUR / year (110 EUR/MWh x 6600 MWh/y) giving a payback period to the investor of less than 6 years. This payback time could be decreased through potentially higher electricity prices or collateralizing future revenues. As the expected lifetime of this asset is at least 80 years there are many options open to investors.

Any investor that can come in with enough financial backing is also, very easily, able to get construction loans from Polish banks a very attractive rate so as not to tie up capital that could be better used for other purposes. Especially with Bank Ochrony Środowiska Bank of Environmental Protection and BGK

Project Goals

Although the final details need to accommodate the legal and fiscal requirements of the investors the general concept is as follows:

  • Create and Capitalize Investment Holding Company (HC): The investment will create a Polish Investment Holding Company which will take control of the various parts of the project. There exists the relatively easy possibility to list this entity on the Polish New Market exchange to make the shares in the company liquid for the owners and partners.
  • Purchase / Exchange Shares in various entities with HC: All of the partners in project realized there is much greater upside in the creation of a larger entity. Although most of the current shareholders in the various entities will request some partial cash payment, many of the initial acquisitions can be done through share trades with the holding company.
  • Create Operations: As the pieces are put together, there will need to be a rationalization of operations (offices, personnel, IT, etc.). Although there will be some costs involved in this, the costs in Poland are significantly cheaper than many European countries (downsizing personnel costs approximately 2 month’s salary).
  • Construction of Initial Projects: Simultaneous to The fund will focus on existing companies seeking capital for new or existing projects. Companies will not be complete startups, and must have some sort of collateral for the investment. Companies, or company principles, must be willing to guarantee a portion of the investment themselves (10-20%) through collateralization of existing assets or cash investments into the project.
  • Seek other opportunities in Poland: With correct capital backing it will be much easier to approach attractive long term opportunities in Poland and surrounding areas. The team has very strong relations and has been in long discussions with Minister of Energy there on how to bring more Renewable Energy development to the country. These projects also have strong backing from the EBRD, UNIDO, and other international development agencies.
  • Exit: The exit for the company would either be a sale to one of the major Water or energy companies (e.g. GDF Suez) or through a listing on a “major” exchange in the U.S. or UK. As mentioned previously, an international listing can be prepared for (at very low cost) through a local listing on the Polish New Market exchange.

Principal Risks of the Fund

Like any investment, the first is a risk is the ability of the managers to select investments that will raise in value according to investors’ expectations. However this is especially important in this fund due to the long period required for many of the investments to realize their value. The good and the bad of Hydropower investments is they have lifetimes of 80+ years.

In Hydro Power investments there are 2 primary risks: 1, the water resources will cease to exist at a future date due to climate change; 2, environmental regulations will change to make the production and sale of power impossible or financially unacceptable. With these risks in mind investments and projects will be examined closely for their payback period and profitability under extreme conditions.

The Project Management

The operations will be managed by a team from the Polish investment company Koronne Technologie S.A. (which currently has owns many of the assets) as well as additional experts brought in as needed. These parties have significant experience working in the Renewable Energy Industry, fund management and a deep knowledge of operational aspects of small and growing international companies and their activities.


By joining the program "HYDROTECHNOLOGIE", the feeder brings the declared amount of money to the fund. Depending on the phase of the project planning permission is granted, the measurements of energy resources carried out and eventually built the hydroelectric plant. The company starts the profits from the sale of the energy produced to market and write down green certificates.

At the end of the financial year of the company's award of the fee/dividend is for investors, net of all applicable taxes and minimum reserves, are provided. The investor receives a dividend in proportion to the shares held by him in the SPV. According to the investment agreement, the shareholders of the target company receive a guaranteed payment of a dividend for the life of the hydroelectric power plant every year. According to the Commercial Code, the same amount is granted for each share.

The program „HYDROTECHNOLOGIE " is divided into two phases: the investment process and the life - service of the turbine: Depending on the equity investors between projects can choose (including projects with planning permission) with varying degrees of complexity, thus shortening the waiting time for the first dividend significantly.


Steps to become a shareholder in energy companies:

  • Meet with specialists for renewable energy technologies
  • Meet the conditions of the plant
  • Notaries acquisition of shares in a declared value of the investment
  • Acquisition of new shares through a capital increase (performed by the General Meeting)
  • Notification of the capital increase in the SPV to the National Court Register


A "turnkey" implementation of the construction of a hydroelectric plant requires a lot of experience, industry knowledge, production, project office and highly qualified staff. The general contractor for the Koronne Technology SA, the company Wodel LLC (

Wodel LLC is a company of professionals that has collected over almost two decades of experience in the development of individual projects in Poland and Europe. The company works closely with leading industries and the best experts in the field of hydropower energy, environment, finance and law. General contractors under the agreements signed is responsible for the investment process as a whole.

The investment process is in particular the acquisition of the rights to the land, survey of the energy resources of water, conservation of ultimate decisions and permits, closure of bank financing, supply of equipment for hydroelectric power plant, construction, installation, connection to the mains supply and use of waterpower.

Key factors for the plant

The investment consists of the acquisition of shares in the SPV MałaElektrowniaWodna. The investor becomes a co-owner of a hydropower plant. Carried out over the entire lifetime of the investors a dividend, which is proportional to the number of shares, held.

  • Investor Shares are the assets and can be traded and inherited the secondary market. The investor is co-owner of all the assets of the company, which clearly about the progress of the project (Notaries Act) also grows.
  • For investors there are no additional costs. All costs incurred during the program costs are included in the price of the shares.
  • Investment protection guarantees the legal form of the company and of the Polish Commercial Code. The full responsibility for the obligations of the SPV made solely by the company itself and is supported by his administration.
  • Agreement between the SPV and the general contractor guarantees the hydropower commissioning within a specified period, which is counted from the start of operation of the target society.
  • In the event of a delay in the work, which could lead to a risk of a timely completion, the General Contractor is the sanctions provided for in the contract, saddled.
  • In hydropower plants are used solely brand new turbines. The facilities are to ensure maximum productivity for each hydropower plant carefully and individually selected.
  • General Contractor and at the same manufacturer of the equipment, offers guarantees, maintenance and repair of technical efficiency throughout the life.
  • The program "HYDROTECHNOLOGIE" provides investors with projects of varying complexity, including projects with a final building permit.

The investment’s process

The scheme of the investment described as follows:

  1. Delivery of this document to a potential investor;
  2. Investor’s decision on investment;
  3. Filing of the registration details form and subscription for ordinary shares form;
  4. Conclusion of an investment agreement between an investor and the Company;
  5. Increase of the share capital in the Target Company;
  6. Taking up the newly created shares in the increased share capital of the Target Company;
  7. Registration of the increased share capital with the registry court of the Target Company.


Current Projects

As described above, only 1.5% of Polish energy is currently produced by hydropower out of an estimated potential of around 12%. Based on the fact that there are less than 500 current projects in Poland, this means there are potentially thousands of small-hydro opportunities in the country.

The Company has done extensive research on 3 potential projects as well has having meetings on several other projects in the near future.

The key investment opportunities include Legnica, Dobroszów and Mielec:


MEW Dobroszów (Construction in Progress)

Planned annual production of energy from hydroelectric power plant with and annual output of approximately 6.600 MWh.


MEW Legnica (Acquisition Negotiated)

MEW, installed power 110 kW, 3 m fall, Q = 4.5 m3 / s, near Legnica, with a building permit, productivity 650-700 MWh / year.

MEW Mielec (Acquisition Negotiated)

Planned annual production of energy from hydroelectric power plant with approximately 7 000 MWh/ year.



Management and Advisors

Marek Przemyslaw Tomiak
Investor, architect and project initiator

Michał Portalewski
Finance department

Paweł Rozmienc
Department of machining and steel structures

Aleksander Tomiak
Tadeusz Wawrzykowski
Konrad Wawrzykowski

Natali Derdzikowska
Specialist for project development

Krzysztof Jasiński
Legal department

Tadeusz Borkowski
Turbine production and assembly department

Przemek Jan Marchlewicz

Agnieszka Kocięcka
Quality management system

Contact form

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+48 576 356 598



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